C&S Technologies Payroll Services

C&S Technologies is a provider of online payroll services and software. These include:

Simple Payroll
  • Full-Service Payroll
    Secure web payroll service, ideal for small business, enterprise, and household payroll, and outsourcing and management.
  • Flexible & Cost Effective
    Print payroll paychecks directly from the computer or use ACH direct deposit.
  • Payroll Compliant
    Make tax deposits and file payroll reports automatically.
Paycheck Manager
  • Online Payroll Management
    Generate payroll reports (941, 940, W-2, etc.) and payroll tax voucher samples (form 8109, etc.) with ease.
  • Flexible
    Prepare & print checks easily & view paycheck history at anytime.
  • Cost Effective
    Manage payroll for as little as $29.95/YEAR*
*3 employees or less
eSmart Payroll
  • Payroll E-Filing & Print
    IRS Authorized e-file & print provider for forms W-2, W-2C, 1099-MISC, 940, 941, and more.
  • Flexible
    Prepare forms via data entry, or upload and map data from anywhere with internet access, at anytime.
  • Cost Effective
    Form prices are computed on a per form basis with bulk discounts.

About C&S Technologies

C&S Technologies, Inc., established in 1996, is an IRS authorized software developer and e-file partner. The company was started by solving a simple need with an everyday software tool in the form of eSMARTforms. This gradually evolved into a full-featured, web-based software and e-file service provider. The company hastily grew from that point on the basis of providing software that is quick, easy, and complete. As such, the company has been a major player in producing innovative solutions for income tax and payroll processing for over a decade.

From the ground-breaking eSMARTforms to eSmartTax, eSmartPayroll, PaycheckManager, and SimplePayroll, C&S Technologies, Inc. has always been focused on developing simple, efficient, and high quality software for individuals and businesses. With the consistent goal to allow for easy management of information and electronic filing to government agencies, 1099 Manager is another step forward in providing an easy, do-it-yourself solution to 1099 management.

Latest News & Other Services

How to use W2Manager.com

How to use W2 manager.com

Free, online paycheck calculator and payroll management

eSmart Paycheck Register, prepare and print paychecks in minutes, generate 941, 940, W-2 and other payroll forms online for free.

E-File of Forms 941, W-2, W-2c and State payroll reports

eSmart Payroll Prepare and efile one or multiple 941s, 940s, upload data file for W-2, W-2c, 1099-misc and correction efile to the IRS and SSA.

Full service payroll online

Simple Payroll is a full service, online payroll where we will make tax deposits and file payroll reports for you.

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