W-2 Manager - Price

Price is dependent on the number of forms you prepared. The charge is $2 per form and the minimum charge is $50 (less than 25 forms). The fee does not include printing/mailing of the forms to the recipients. You can download PDF copies, print on plain papers and distribute to the recipients once you have created the forms at the website. If you want us to print and mail copies for you, additional fee applies for printing, handling, stamp and envelopes (~$2 per form extra).

If you only have a few forms to prepare, it is more cost effective to use our other product, www.eSmartpayroll.com online preparation and efile.

For additional details, please contact us.

  • E-mail us at support@eSmartPayroll.com
  • Call us at 408-935-8969
  • Fax us at 408-941-2022
  • Or, send postal mail to:

    C&S Technologies Inc.
    W-2 Manager
    1879 Lundy Ave #266.
    San Jose, CA 95131
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How to use W2Manager.com

How to use W2 manager.com

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