W-2 Manager

What is W-2 Manager?

W-2 Manager is the easy do-it-yourself online service for managing forms W-2 and W-2C..

Our goal is to facilitate a robust but yet easy to use environment for payroll managers to create, update, maintain, and file forms W-2 and forms W-2C.

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W-2 Manager provides many methods to create and maintain your forms W-2 and forms W-2C, including:

  • Import - Import your data from your favorite spreadsheets, including Excel or tab delimited text files.
  • Data Entry - Manually enter your data one by one using our online data entry interface.
  • Manage - Manage all your forms W-2 and forms W-2C using our intuitive status interface.
  • Advanced Search - Use the advanced search option to pinpoint data information or details in managing your forms.
  • Print & Mail - Create a batch of forms or prepare a single form for printing and mailing.
  • E-File - E-File a single form or a batch in just a few steps.
  • Generate PDFs - Generate PDF versions of all forms for local storage or record-keeping.
  • Forms W-2C - Automatically generate corrections on e-filed forms W-2 at import.

Security and Safety

W-2 Manager is IRS approved and secured and verified by Starfield Technologies Web Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. W-2 Manager is a service provided to you by C&S Technologies, Inc., a company established in 1996 as an IRS authorized software developer and e-file partner.

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